Holistic Psychotherapy


Psychotherapy for individuals, couples, and families

Danuza's practice draws on traditional psychotherapy and evidenced based treatment methods as well as holistic and spiritual philosophies. Danuza has studied many spiritual traditions, and her practice is guided by the belief that everyone is “divine” in their nature and therefore able to tap into their greatest/highest states of consciousness and inner balance! With some help and motivation, all individuals and groups can achieve their goals and improve relationships, communication and bring more harmony to life.

Families today are usually trying to resolve many conflicts that arrive from stress; financial crisis; lack of good communication; lack of quality time and emotional support; lack of self-esteem or health problems. It is important to have professional and caring support at these times in order to balance all the tasks at hand without loosing track of the base values that unite and make the family stronger: such as respect, good communication, care and love!

A family therapist can help individuals and families create a healthy environment returning their homes to a safer and more harmonious place. Family therapy also help people restore their mental health or manage it at a comfortable level for the individuals and their families, including managing depression; self-depreciation; eating disorders; aggressive behavior; losses and other distresses.

A session usually consists of one hour of talk therapy with the use of tools and techniques that facilitate participation and comprehension, sometimes including art, music or meditation.

It is recommended that anyone suffering from a serious emotional disorder  seek help from a team of professionals that include a primary care doctor, and in some cases, use of medication. Children will need to be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians. LGBTQ and immigrants welcome!

To pay for a holistic psychotherapy session, you may pay cash or check at the time of visit (preferred) or you may use the link “Holistic Psychotherapy” at the left of this page. Thank you!