Danuza Aquino

Danuza Aquino is the founder of the Star of Life Healing Center. A gifted healer, therapist, and life coach, she has guided many hundreds of individuals and families on their journeys to physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing through her individual and group sessions, retreats, and workshops.

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Healing All Homes - A Path to Healing All Aspects of Life

My newest book, Healing All Homes, offers a roadmap to healing all aspects of the self: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The book draws on a number of psychological studies and wisdom traditions as well as my own experience over thirty years helping individuals and families to transform their lives and relationships for the better.

It is my deep belief and knowledge that everyone is capable of transformation and that one of the most powerful ways to ignite this work is to bring people into awareness of their own uniqueness and divinity. It does not matter how many mistakes you have made, how many years you have wasted ... this work of becoming conscious - a process Jung called "individuation" - begins when we are ready and lasts as long as we are alive.

The initial impetus to transform shows up in a variety of ways ... it is very often accompanied with a feeling of “stagnation” or “stuckness.” Many of my clients describe a sense of “inertia” when they first come to me ... they have a deep desire to change, to transform, to “blossom,” but they are overwhelmed. My book is written to people in this position. Each chapter suggests small steps that you can take immediately ... the positive results you will achieve will help propel you further along the journey of transformation. I also address some of the pitfalls and challenges you will face - in particular from loved ones - so you will be prepared for them.

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Tired of Being Nobody - A Journey to Self-realization and Making Peace with Inner Voices

Do you understand how negative voices are formed and influence your choices in life? This book will help readers understand and transform those voices helping to create more prosperity, health and love in life. It is a guide to healing low self-esteem and living a life that is more fulfilling and full of happiness!