Therapeutic Massage


Therapeutic massage

Hands-on body work to help relieve pain, improve circulation, and increase flexibility of muscles, tissues, and joints. Specific therapies to improve discomfort and other symptoms resulting from injuries to help restore normal functioning. Many techniques offered including Deep Tissue; Neuromuscular; Swedish; Myofascial Release, Craniosacral, Do-In, Foot Reflexology, and Trigger point.

Other benefits of therapeutic massage include muscle strength and conditioning, improved range of motion, posture and spine alignment, improved breathing, and reduction of swelling. Massage is extremely beneficial following invasive treatments such as chemotherapy in helping the body release toxins. It is also beneficial to release tension during recovery from illness or before and after pregnancy.

Well-being and Spa Massage

Hands-on body work to help relax and promote overall well-being. The  technique used is Swedish Massage- light and soothing and can be combined with above techniques including Lymphatic Drainage. The spa therapies also include options for total or partial body exfoliation, hot towels, scalp, ear, and facial massage.

All massages are non-sexual and done in a safe environment with proper drapery and care.

To pay for massage therapy, you may pay cash or check at the time of visit (preferred) or you may use the link “Therapeutic Massage” at the left of this page. Thank you!