Home Healings


Home Healings are effective ways to evaluate the energy of the house and its inhabitants and suggest lasting changes to bring balance, happiness and beauty. A careful and detailed intuitive observation of structure, furniture, colors, spaces, design, organization and people's interactions will help shape the analyses of the flow of energy in the house.  Feng shui (Chinese system of laws considered to govern spacial arrangement and orientation) plus minimalistic philosophy and Evidenced-based treatments and techniques will be used. Recommendations and positive energy given by  Hands On Healing will help clear the house from old patterns and stuckness. 

While this is a direct and challenging intervention that requires all house members to accept some level of vulnerability, it is one of the fastest ways to improve the overall energy of the home and relationships among those living together. It is also highly beneficial to those who believe in "ghosts" or "hanging spirits", since it can help redirect or eliminate their influences.

To pay for a Home Healing, you may pay cash or check at the time of the visit (preferred) or you may use the link “Home Healing” at the left of this page. Thank you!