Meet Our Partners!


Dauro Aquino

Dauro Aquino is a graduate of the Institute of Core Energetics, a pathwork helper. and meditation facilitator. He recently completed advanced helper training for The Pathwork®

The Pathwork® began as a gathering of friends who were drawn to the extraordinary spiritual gifts manifesting through Eva Pierrakos. The wise teachings that came forth became known as the Pathwork Guide Lectures. They were transcribed and studied by a small group that began in New York City in 1957. Their enthusiasm and growing numbers led to the establishment of the first Pathwork center near Phoenicia, New York, in 1972. Today, Pathwork is studied and taught around the world.

A passionate advocate for social justice, Dauro was involved in the production of a documentary film A Fronteira, the aim of which was to help raise awareness of the struggles of immigrants along the border. He has since contributed to other productions aimed at raising self-awareness and cultivating humanitarian consciousness. 

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Information about other friends and allies of the Star of Life Healing Center is forthcoming!