Humanitarian Programs

The Star of Life Healing Center oversees a number of non-profit initiatives focused on well-being, holistic health, and humanitarian causes. Our programs and activities are based on a philosophy that combines holistic and humanitarian tools to provide assistance to people and communities endangered by diseases, violence and social injustice.

We contribute to poverty alleviation, building improvements for community development by sharing resources and education plus empowering individuals, alleviation of diseases and emotional disharmony and strengthening cultural values.

We believe that by transforming ourselves and raising awareness we can slowly create a better world, where there is more peace and unconditional love among all living beings!

International Programs

Our Conde Mateus Project focuses on relief, education and social development. It is divided in three phases:

  1. Relief efforts: distributions of food, clothing, toys, shoes, school material, computers and other household needs throughout Jaboticatubas and Belo Horizonte;

  2. Empowerment and community development: improving quality and training for educators through workshops and training opportunities in various areas of life including health, arts, administration, life skills in general, job training and more;

  3. Opening of a cooperative for conscious tourism called “Cotuco.”

Read more about the Conde Mateus Project and our work in Minas Gerais here and about the “Cotuco Cooperative” project here.

Our “Star of Hope Program” provides violence prevention through the following services: life skills training, connection to resources, community service, fostering and nurturing creativity, behavioral management. Small percentage of aid is provided in this project to alleviate hunger and improve educational opportunities.

Local Programs

"Helping Hands in Boston"  besides all the treatments offered in Boston areas, we also distribute household items to low-income families and advocate for Brazilian immigrants, connecting them to resources primarily in the areas of health, legal services and violence prevention.

Our Volunteers

Over the years, many wonderful people have volunteered their time, energy, and resources to our humanitarian efforts here in Boston and in Brazil. These individuals include Waldirene Almeida, Dauro Aquino, Izabel Aquino, Deborah Aquino, João Aquino, Marcello Aquino, Cristina Capobianco, Rebecca Cohen, Simone Giardine, Rosana Gijsen, Elza Holz, Marcia Koike, Tim Kunz, Roberta Lisboa, Marcio Roberto, Maria Skufca, Valdisa Moura, and Dianne Zimbabwe. 

How to Donate

Cars, electronics, and other expensive items including large furniture: 

We try to either raffle or sell these items at low-price to low-income families in order to help raise money to send computers to Brazilian schools, day-cares, orphanages and hospitals. We accept these items in Boston; however, you are welcome to send them directly to Brazil. 

Belo Horizonte: Av Magi Salomon, 715 - Salgado Filho - Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil 30550190

Jaboticatubas: Creche Irma Maria Dolores, Rua Reginaldo Costa Reis, 450 - Bairro Bom Jesus - Jaboticatubas, Minas Gerais, Brazil 35830000

Furniture and household items: 

Depending on size and quality we send it to Brazil; otherwise we donate these items to low-income households and individuals in the Boston area.

Clothing, shoes, toys, smaller utensils, and School materials (in good condition!):

We send a large majority of items in good condition to Brazil, and we distribute the rest to low-income families in Boston area. 


Time is our most precious resource, and we appreciate deeply the gift of yours! If you would be willing to teach something you know in order to help the communities we serve, in particular, low-income families in Brazil and in the USA, please contact us! We welcome classes related to the arts, health and nutrition, personal finance, sports, English as second language, meditation, and more. You can also donate your time to help us with administrative work, transporting donations, as well as with marketing and fundraising. 


Your financial contributions allow us the maximum flexibility, and we appreciate them greatly. We are happy to provide a letter of recognition for tax-purposes. Please contact us if you have questions!