Rebecca Cohen in Salvador, Bahia

Rebecca Cohen is a graduate of the college of criminal justice at Northeastern University in Boston. She believes that the key to inspiring hope and positive change in the lives of youth lies in providing life-enriching opportunities on a daily basis. She is committed to helping each child develop tools necessary to build a more positive future.

Rebecca is working as a manager for a pilot project to reach out to kids at risk, already exposed to harsh poverty, violence and drugs in the city of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. She is sharing her knowledge and experience with the kids and their families, raising hopes and empowering those families to improve their chances for a prosperous and just life.

This is an educational and experiential project focused on violence prevention and life skills training, including development of culture, arts and other resources already available to the community as a way to foster possibilities for them to engage in a career or activity that takes them away from drugs and violence.