Spiritual Counseling


Also called Channelings, Spiritual Counseling is a one-to-one session of counseling with help of spiritual guides and angelic beings. Communications between the individual seeking help and guides or angelic beings are through a medium (healer) and can be visual, verbal, written or in thought form (awareness). Some sessions can be intense and provoke subsequent opening of intuitive dreams or visualizations and premonitions. Other sessions can be uneventful and simply bring a sense of being connected to "Oneness" or "God". Either way, Spiritual Counseling sessions are intended to help individuals find hidden answers and messages that will empower their lives and reveal a deeper self.  Danuza is a medium and will prepare her own energy prior to every Spiritual Counseling in order to attune to the highest levels of divine guidance!

To pay for a spiritual counseling sessions, you may pay cash or check at the time of visit (preferred) or you may use the link “Spiritual Counseling” at the left of this page. Thank you!